Our Services & Products

The Technologies

The Experiential Marketer – is a customized and exclusive product aimed at companies who want to offer a state-of-the art experience to their customers.  Using this form of installation, the company will be able to engage their client by creating a unique face-to-face branded experience based on gestures. Engagement Marketing creates a special connection with the customer, in relevant, interesting and meaningful ways. Gesture Computing can amplify this unique experience by stimulating your customers senses.

The Trainer – trains employees and can transmit knowledge. The trainer permits the user to train himself in precise gestural skills, while receiving direct guidance through our learning system. This guidance is based on motion capture technologies and it helps trainees to understand their errors, to make the necessary gestural adjustments and to improve their performance. This product will be adapted according to our customers’ needs, and depending on the learning scenarios and the complexity of gestures to be learned.

The Movement Management Platform – is a Learning Content Management System specially designed to support and manage digital content, including motion capture data, and is equipped to provide educational functionalities and services for learning human gestures.

The Multimedia Language Trainer  Gesture Computing provides a platform that supports intercultural and language exchange. Using the latest technologies, our experienced professors can provide courses in their field of expertise to students from all over the world.

The Industries

The technological expertise and consultancy services offered by Gesture Computing can prove to be useful and impact positive change or even transform multiple sectors such as the creative and cultural, experiential tourism, security, training and many more industries.